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The Service and Support You Need

Insurance contracts specify that the broker receives commission to, among other things, "provide service and support".

At BDI we provide you with fanatical customer service and administrative support that will have an immediate positive impact on you and your company. We add to that a host of Value-Added Services at no additional cost to you and your employees.

Employee Benefits


At BDI, we view group insurance quotes as an opportunity to help you as the employer not only control costs, but to provide a true benefit and security to your hard-working employees. We invest the time to learn the business plan, culture, and benefits philosophy of your company to create a long-term, viable plan that meets the needs of all parties. Together, we'll design the most efficient employee benefits package for your company. We offer a full range of custom-designed benefit options including:
  • Group Life Insurance
  • Group Health Insurance
  • Group Disability Insurance
  • Group Longterm Care Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • IRS Section 125/Cafeteria Plans
  • 401(K)Profit-Sharing Plans
  • Deferred Compensation Plans
We also offer fully-insured, self-funded and partially self-funded plans to qualified clients.

Group benefits Services Provided

BDI finds carriers and providers that offer flexible plan designs, cost-control strategies, reduced administrative costs, technological strength, and online enrollment. Plus, we work with carriers that can provide ongoing reviews of your benefits package, allowing us to ensure you have the right protection and policies in place. 

Our first step to giving you the best coverage is by getting to know your needs. Together, we will identify trends within your employee population and see where more or less coverage is necessary. We will look at proactive and preventive measures that will give us a clear picture about the medical, pharmacy, and ancillary coverage you will need. By working collaboratively with insurance carriers, we secure the custom benefits package that is just right for your employees and your bottom line. 

​BDI will:

  • ​Act as liaison between client and plan providers as well as online enrollment system. 
  • ​Provide assistance to enroll and maintain plan(s).
  • ​Assist client's personnel with explanation of the plan benefits and enrollment at initial enrollment period and annual enrollment. Coordinate with Section 125 plan throughout the process. 
  • ​​Assist client's personnel with the education process of employees regarding the plan(s). 
  • Provide a toll free number for client's employees to call when they need assistance. 
  • ​Assist client’s personnel with issues that are not being resolved between client and the provider’s customer service department.
  • ​Assist client's personnel with billing issues.
  • ​Assist client's personnel with claims issues and any other issues related to the plan. 

The Cafeteria Plan


One of the most effective employee-benefit programs available today is the Cafeteria Plan. Provided under Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code, the plan allows employees to select benefits from a menu of taxable and non-taxable items.


401(k) and Profit-Sharing Plans


We can design a 401(k) or profit-sharing plan to meet your business or personal investment requirements.

Non-Qualified, Deferred Compensation Plans


More and more, small businesses are adopting non-qualified, deferred compensation plans for their employees and key staff. BDI can implement these plans to conform to your company's specific requirements.